Monday, January 21, 2013

My tan line has officially faded.

I have been State side for only three weeks and once again, I am running around seeing friends and family while I cram in time to pack my not-yet-unpacked bags!

I post this blog today to bring four brief thoughts to the attention of “my readers”: 

1.       Thank you to all the friends and family who have supported the dormitory project the last year and a half! I am pleased to announce that we met last year’s goal and all 24 children currently living in the dormitory now have beds! 

2.       To all the friends and family I had the pleasure of visiting the last few weeks—Thank you! This has been a wonderful trip home because of you. To all (the many) friends and family I have yet to see—Please know that I miss you and look forward to catching up via telephone or during my next visit home! 

3.      I am leaving this week to the foreign shores of….New Jersey! I will be spending several months filling in for a few of the Real Partners Uganda directors while they take their first trip of 2013 to Uganda. I will still be in America, so if you have my phone number, email address, or find yourself in Southern Jersey in the next few months, drop me a line! I might still seem far away to you, but in my perspective, NJ and WA are neighbors compared to UG and WA! 

4.       On a much sadder note, I received word today from my friend and TOLM General Manager, George that one of my kids from the Mustard Seed Health Team has fallen very ill. She has been sick on and off for as long as I’ve known her, but this time George has requested my prayers. I can’t describe the feeling of helplessness to learn that any of my kids may have even the sniffles while I am not there to provide tissues—or more likely in this little one’s case, the money and accommodation needed to seek proper treatment. All I ask from you is that you please pray for her. She is so wonderful, and is one of the children that places in a 30-way tie for first love in my heart.

With so much love,

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