Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to Africa!

Well...here I go again!

The last six months since my return from Uganda seem to have flown right by me. I finished my last class of college (for real this time), I gained (a brief) experience as an interim Administrative Assistant, my Foundation has finished over half the construction for the dormitory, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year came and went....and oh yeah, I found a way to get back to Uganda...starting tomorrow.

This time, I will be living in a different village working for an organization called Real Partners Uganda. They are a non-profit run by a few wonderful people out of New Jersey, USA. I get to teach health education, start a peer-health education program at their primary school, and conduct a needs assessment in the village.

This time, I will be living in Uganda for six months. Oh. My. Goodness.

"Excited" is too small a word; yet I am too blown away by this recently developed life plan to provide a better description of my current feelings. 

This blog is short because I have to wake up in a few hours to catch my early flight--but I wanted you all to know that I will be writing in my blog again! I will have access to my email, Facebook, Skype, and of course, my blog...I hope you will once again join me as I start my first post-grad-"real life" chapter!

With love,
Nankya Kristen

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