Thursday, November 22, 2012


A week in pictures:
Jump shot on our way to the airport
This is our, "YAY! Let's go to Mombasa!!!" face
Giraffe sniffing Mongoose

Snack time

Fort Jesus in the background

Abdul gave us flowers for our hair!

Our guide, Abdul

Scale-model of Fort Jesus

Side note: We got to Mombasa, realized how HOT it was, and had to buy men's shorts at a store to survive.

Market Bazaar aka Spice Market

We will one day admire this photo with the thought, "OH! Carlos the Camel...what was that guide's name?"

Amelia, Carlos, Kristen

Ended Wednesday enjoying the ocean from the rooftop
Feast prepared entirely without power.

We only had slices of turkey ($10 for 10 slices, give me a break...) but we managed to make everything else! 
Sunrise on our last morning.

Heading back to Kampala for tonight, then Nsumba Village tomorrow for a dedication ceremony of the completed dormitory!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Best of luck recovering from your food comas!

With love,

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