Friday, July 22, 2011

How it works

I have received a few questions about how this “donation process” works. 

To clarify:
Step One- You recognize the need for the construction of this dormitory 

Step Two- You discuss with your partner (if applicable) or spend some time thinking on your own about the amount of money you would like to contribute to my Foundation

Step Three- Once you are sure you want to help this cause; you click on the “donate” button embedded on my blog

Step Four- The link takes you to PayPal, an online money-transferring site that is used by many businesses and corporations to ensure safe money exchange for both parties 

Step Five- You enter the amount you would like to donate and follow the billing instructions as you would for any online purchase

Step Six- I receive a notification via email and through the Foundation’s PayPal account that you (your name and email address appear on the account balance spreadsheet) have made a donation of $X.XX amount. 

Step Seven- I transfer the money into the Future Diplomats Education Centre Foundation’s bank account in America. 

Step Eight- Once an ample amount of money has been received, we will wire the funds to Uganda and construction can begin (this step will be repeated until construction is complete)

Step Nine- You receive a lifetime of my thanks and appreciation! Eventually you will also receive a picture of the completed dormitory that could not have been built without your generosity!    

9 simple steps to making this dream come true! I hope this helps! 

With love and appreciation,

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