Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walking to School

Walking to school is usually quite the process for most kids. I do not intend to make too many comparisons to life back home. Instead I have uploaded a sort of picture-tour that should speak for itself.

These pictures illustrate the journey home from school of five primary school students, all below the age of eight. Two students board at the school and the rest walk this path each morning and evening. I took a picture every ten to fifteen feet as I walked the path. I stopped taking pictures at the bottom of a trail that led up a steep hill and plateaus at a flat dirt path that continues steadily for about 30 yards until you reach the first hut of that village. (I stopped because my interpreter was tired and not dressed to be hiking up that hill. And then a man with a bike that he had loaded with bananas was on his way down and I figured getting in his way to take a picture of his life was probably neither necessary nor classy.)

Hopefully the pictures will open on your computer. If it doesn’t and you would like to see the pictures, I can email you the PowerPoint. Let me know, pettet.kristen@gmail.com

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